[clug] Installfest wrap-up report

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Sun Sep 28 05:58:10 GMT 2008

Thanks for a great write up Paul!

on 28/09/08 15:46 Paul Wayper said the following:
> The other idea that occurred to me is to have some play machines at the
> front
> with some open-source games or demo software that people can play on (and
> learn about other cool stuff in FOSS) while installers repartition their
> drives and download files and so forth.

That's a *really* good idea!

Like it or not, "Gee Whiz" flashy stuff looks cool and people go ooh-ah over
it. :-)
I wonder how easy/hard it would be to set up like a couple of show-piece games
running a loop/demo; Some generic desktops going through their paces; The Wow
Cube spinning and so on.
Perhaps even simple stuff like basic OOo tasks?

An excellent idea!

- Steve

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