[clug] Dual ADSL modem router

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 25 00:38:21 GMT 2008

Without having looked, you probably can get such a device, but it
will be quite specialised and so expensive. For example, some router
manufacturers have slots for plug-in modules, including ADSL modems.

If you have a more generic PC running Linux as your router (so you can
run Squid, DNS, fancy firewall rules etc. on it), then you can configure
it to support multiple ADSL routers and do the load-sharing you are
looking for and that would probably be a lot cheaper, but involve
multiple boxen.

My home router (Linux box) is configured to also support my 3G modem,
so if my ADSL link goes down, I can plug in my USB 3G modem and get back
onto the 'net. I haven't (yet) explored load-sharing with it, as the 3G
plan is a lot more expensive when you go over the download limit than
the ADSL(2) plan. I could probably script something to avoid that
situation, though, if I felt so inclined.


Bob Edwards.

Adrian wrote:
> I am looking to purchase a dual ADSL modem and router. I want two ADSL 
> lines so that I can increase my upload capabilities.
> Is there a device that combines all this in one box or must I purchase 
> two modems and an appropriate router?
> I do have an existing, and working, modem and router, which if the NAT 
> and firewall features were turned off it would function as a basic 
> modem, although I have not tried this.
> Are there an catches/tricks to doing this?
> Adrian

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