[clug] Linux on Palm

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Tue Sep 23 04:39:23 GMT 2008

on 23/09/08 12:57 Pilcher, Fred said the following:
> This is seriously good, particularly in comparison to some of the other
> abominations COUGHwindowsmobileCOUGH out there.

Speaking as a poor schmuck with such an abomination as his major mobile phone,
all I can say is that I know exactly how the iphone has become so popular and
gets such acclaim:

The bar to beat has been set *incredibly* low. And I have WM6 phone - so is
not exactly "old". :-(

Loses sync with Mobile provider - already replaced one sim card in an
unrelated effort to fix; This is particularly painful when you rely on SMS
alerts for server failures.
Regularly BSoD's - well locks dead - end result is same. etc etc etc. Am
getting into the habit of "rebooting" every 2-3 days just to help the effing
thing keep working!
Blech. Horrible thing.

Regret getting it every day.

Even has obvious brain-dead idiocy like (the S in MCSE) where Solitaire is
identical to the PC version - which means you obscure the entire screen - as a
right hander - to "Draw" the next 3 cards. Ok this sounds trivial and silly
even :-) but this sort of stupidity is right through the entire UI.


- Steve

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