[clug] any experts in mythtv? can't record 2 recordings.

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sun Sep 21 07:17:36 GMT 2008

I have two DVB cards which I have used for a few years now and I have recently moved over 
to storage groups and this appears to work but for some reason I can't get a 2nd tuner to 
record ie it fails to record two shows at once.

I've tested the two cards with mplayer and both still work.

here is a extract of the backend with  trace set @ record, I'n not sure this is a bug or 
some config option which I mistakenly set while trying to solve my prebuffer issues.

Arr this must be a MythTV problem, Can anyone help track the cause down?


note I tried removing other storage dir and 2nd recording still broken.

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