[clug] Software Freedom Day

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Sep 22 15:09:06 GMT 2008

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Jason wrote:
| The day was a bit of a let down on numbers but not on quality, there just
were not as  many people coming into the computer fair in general as last year
and we only ended up giving away a few hundred Cd's (haven't inventoried the
exact number yet).  But everyone I talked to was open and receptive to what we
doing, we only burned a half dozen distros for people who wanted them and a
few people just took them on their usb keys. We talked about the install-fest
which I think put a lot of people at ease about trying Linux again who had
done so in the past and had hit some kind off wall.
| I guess we now need to figure out what to do with a few thousand open Cd's,
maybe we sneak them onto the shelves of all the computer stores in town :)

Save them up and we'll take them down to LCA for the Open Day.

Give them to local schools.

We can probably find many other good uses for them.  They don't go off, after
all :-)

Have fun,


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