[clug] VNC and MythTV

Matt Smith Matt at coolchilli.com
Tue Sep 16 23:34:47 GMT 2008

On 17/09/08 08:51 Pilcher, Fred said the following:

> What could possibly be happening here? I tried every setting I could
> find, tried different teevee software, nothing worked. Yet simply
> swapping to Xubuntu enabled detection of all available channels.

Hi Fred,

Given my recent fun with setting up MythDora and DVB tuning, I'd like to
add my $0.02.
I found that as I was aiming to receive broadcasts from Tuggeranong
Hill, however received some wash from Black Mountain, that in my setup,
Myth kept finding the Black Mountain channels, locking them in, and
seemingly skipping over the Tuggeranong Hill frequencies/channels.
I think this is a *feature* of DVB - if the receiver has already seen a
channel ID (Net ID I think is the actual term), it is not locked in
again.  My issue was that the one that was used, had crappy DVB reception.

I ended up having to manually enter the channel/net id/prog id info into
Myth that corresponded to Tuggeranong Hill transmitter (which took a
good few weeks trying to track down *correct & accurate* information).
However, now that it's in, it's going well.

Might be something to consider, however your location will vary etc. I
would not expect this behaviour with standard analogue broadcast
however, so I guess it also depends on the tuner card in use.


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