[clug] Buying CF/IDE adaptor from e-bay store

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Sep 14 02:29:30 GMT 2008

My cousin in Brisbane wants to setup a system (Ubuntu server) using a
4Gb CF card in the IDE slot, and 2*SATA disks.

He's found A Good Price for CF/3.5"IDE adaptors on e-bay (from Hong Kong
- A$8 delivered) and asked me for any advice...
>From an on-line Australian store, price is a lot more (A$46 + del?)

Has anyone got firsthand experience of CF/IDE and/or e-bay cheapies?
Any direct experience of friends doing this?

Is there anything I should be warning my cousin to look out for, or
questions he should be asking?


I haven't been to the Saturday markets in aeons - does anyone sell these
gizmos yet?

[I think this is the store]

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