[clug] September CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Sep 9 11:20:23 GMT 2008

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David Tulloh wrote:
| Paul Wayper wrote:
|>     CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group Meeting - 11th September
|> 2008
|>     ======================================================================
|> Venue:        Looking Glass Studios
|>         Meet at Cafe Essen at 18:00 (see map) for socialising before
|>         going on to the Looking Glass Studios training room at
|> 19:00 for the talk, and finding somewhere to go for dinner by
|> consensus afterwards.
|>         http://urltea.com/2wef?CLUG_PSIG_new_locations
| Hi Paul,
| Is that the real venue this week?
| Also, the urltea link is broken (for me).

Sadly, it looks like urltea is badly configured at the moment.

You are also correct in that we no longer have the training room at Looking
Glass to be based at.  I've been searching around for somewhere else in Civic
that has a meeting room that we can borrow, but everyone I've talked to seems
to have two modes - paying and shut.  (I hope you don't mind, Bob, but having
the meeting and then being able to go out to dinner is still a popular plan
AFAICS - unless I hear enough voices say otherwise...)  I'm still working on
it, but for this month we're going back to our old haunt...

The Pancake Parlour.

Gather from around 6:00PM as Rusty's talks will start at 7:00PM with a break
to allow him to eat while his meal is hot :-)

And if anyone knows any meeting room we can use anywhere in Civic - doesn't
have to have computers or internet, just a blank wall and some chairs would be
fine - then please get in touch with me!

Have fun,

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