[clug] ssh 'controlpath' - anyone used it?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Sep 8 23:34:20 GMT 2008

Reading the ssh_config man page, I noticed 'controlpath' for the first time.

This article + comments is reasonable:

My question:
 - does anyone on the list use, or have seen used, this feature
 - Just where is it useful?? "lots of short connections"....
   - I tend to use SSH only for: shell access, scp, rsync.

The comments in the article mention CVS/SVN as needing many SSH
sessions. Any other applications?

I don't use pass-phrases on SSH keys because they won't "Just Work" from
scripts, especially from CRON. This ability to pre-authenticate might be
useful, though management (keeping a session open) is more difficult.

I know of 'ssh-agent', but it's an X-11 thing and I'm not trusting of
something that caches cleartext passwords (if it kept tickets/keys/...
that timed out, I'd be happier).


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