[clug] Job Offer

Michael A. Loucas michaelloucas1 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 23:01:32 GMT 2008

 We are offering a temporary job which really do not require any
 professional skills.

 You really don't need to have any professional skills for this. All we
 are looking for right now is UK& USA based trustworthy, honest, and  loyal
 individuals to handle paper work, file documents and handle  payroll
 administration to our clients in UK&USA. What will be  required from you
 is few hours a day and also to pay very close  attention to all
 instructions given to you.

 Your Job will be; Handling all applications with regards to new clients
 that will like to register a company in UK&the USA and what you will be
 doing is Filing all papers from these individual companies which will be
 sent over to you under that companies name.

 Salary terms; 100Pounds/$150  for each  transaction Get back to us
 through the email address below if you are interested in the job offer
 michaelloucas1 at hotmail.com

 Kindly get back to us if you are  interested in the job

 We will be glad if you accept our proposal.


 Michael A. Loucas

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