[clug] ASUS Eee PC 1000 solid state with LINUX

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 09:10:49 GMT 2008

I have an eeepc 900.  It has the 20GB SSD which is really 3 "disks" or  
is that 3 partitions.  I'm not sure what the real different is between  
an SSD hard drive and a flash memory card anyway.  My eeepc came with  
Xandros which is a fairly broken distro which sits on top of debian.   
It can be customised a bit and if you're familiar with apt is  
relatively easy to add stuff to but is kind of single user.

I installed ubuntu/eeebuntu hardy on a 4GB SD card which I have in the  
built in card reader.  It works fine except that it doesn't sleep like  
the preinstalled xandros does.  It may be to do with having ubuntu on  
a USB memory card (something about "persistent USB"?).  I've tried  
lots of things but have yet to get suspend to work.  Well I should  
say, suspend might work but unsuspend doesn't.

Since I use my eeepc mainly to read books, the suspend function is  
critical to me.  Maybe others have solved that problem.

The other thing is more cosmetic but something I'd like.  The  
particular version of the ubuntu touchpad drivers don't do 2 finger  
scroll.  I like two finger scroll.  I'd like to get that working too.

On 2008/Sep/08, at 7:19 AM, jhock wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have seen many emails about the ASUS Eee PCs.  I originally asked
> about the 901 but since then I like the look of the 1000 solid state
> with the LINUX operating system.
> It appears to me that it is very difficult to get one without Windows
> XP.  As much as I hate paying for Microsoft (in my opinion) inferior
> products and would rather (in my opinion) superior LINUX products it
> seems that they aren't available in Australia.  It also seems that
> sometimes the LINUX version is dearer than the XP version.  How I  
> hate M
> $ dominating the world with their marketing.
> It seems to me that I may have to buy the XP version and replace the
> operating system with a LINUX operating system such as UBUNTU.
> Does anyone see anything with these solid state PCs preventing me from
> doing this?  Can I boot from an external DVD/CD player with UBUNTU and
> then overwrite the M$ XP with UBUNTU operating system?
> Thanks.
> John
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