[clug] ASUS Eee PC 1000 solid state with LINUX

Anthony Crook Anthony.Crook at AccessEconomics.com.au
Mon Sep 8 07:52:37 GMT 2008

Good to see strong interest in ultra portables.

I just returned from a tour of Hong Kong and Japan. The good news is there are lots of models available, bad news is the price. They are selling the Eee 901 with 20GB SSD (linux installed of course) for $4,500HKD or $4,000HKD with no warranty that is around the $600 -$650 AUD mark.

Japan offered a much larger range of options. All the locals offering a similar product (NEC, Panasonic, Sony, Fujitsu). The best price / performance seemed to be the NEC Lui - RN which offered similar specs to the Eee PC but had a slightly bigger screen (10.6") and was much lighter at only 600 grams. The price was also reasonable at Y89,000. The only websites offering much detail were in Japanese but it is a windows based machine.

I raise these points and options merely to highlight the very strong competition amongst manufacturers in this rapidly growing market, Almost all companies are releasing competitive products well below the $1,000 price point. I don't think it will be too long before more models begin to filter through to Aus.

Hope it helps,
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Subject: [clug] ASUS Eee PC 1000 solid state with LINUX

Hi All,

I have seen many emails about the ASUS Eee PCs.  I originally asked
about the 901 but since then I like the look of the 1000 solid state
with the LINUX operating system.

It appears to me that it is very difficult to get one without Windows
XP.  As much as I hate paying for Microsoft (in my opinion) inferior
products and would rather (in my opinion) superior LINUX products it
seems that they aren't available in Australia.  It also seems that
sometimes the LINUX version is dearer than the XP version.  How I hate M
$ dominating the world with their marketing.

It seems to me that I may have to buy the XP version and replace the
operating system with a LINUX operating system such as UBUNTU.

Does anyone see anything with these solid state PCs preventing me from
doing this?  Can I boot from an external DVD/CD player with UBUNTU and
then overwrite the M$ XP with UBUNTU operating system?



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