[clug] [Offtopic] Mains voltage fluctuations

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Tue Sep 2 10:11:48 GMT 2008

Peter Barker wrote:
> All,
>     I'm wondering if anyone else here is noticing a significant 
> variation on the mains power voltage in Canberra (Flynn, in particular).
>     Measuring with my power meter, I'm seeing the voltage vary between 
> 241V and 251V over the course of a day.

States "As of 2000, the mains supply voltage specified in AS 60038 is 
230 V with a tolerance of +10% -6%[3]. This was done for voltage 
harmonisation - however 240 V is within tolerance and is commonly found. "

so 216 to 253VAC is within tolerances.
>     I'm *thinking* these voltage problems are what's causing my A/V 
> Receiver to be unhappy.  The fault is intermittent: it turns on, but 
> shuts down somewhere between 2 and 10 seconds later, before emitting 
> any sound. It was doing it last night when the measured voltage was 
> 251V, but it started up and ran fine this-morning when the measured 
> voltage was 243V. The problem doesn't *seem* to be temperature.
Voltage swings could be a problem with a cheaper unit or one made for 
the US market and then adapted to the australian market. Do you have a 
"known good" unit to compare to? How about borrowing a UPS and testing 
with that to see if that eliminates the problem?


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