[clug] Tomato Firmware / Linksys WRT54GL comments, caveats, cautions

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Sep 1 13:01:25 GMT 2008

Hi Ian

We ran the Kamikaze OpenWRT firmware on the WRT 54GL's we used at LCA 
this year. Apart from some interesting fun and games with unsupported 
options in some of the LSB--ish apps that caught us out, they were 
pretty good and damn stable. To give you an idea, the WRT we got up on 
Sunday night at Trinity college supported 62 users (~40 of those were 
simultaneously) and passed roughly 1.5Gb of traffic in 9 hours.


Ian Matters wrote:
> Good morning CLUGgers.
> I hope to become the proud owner of a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router 
> some time today and I was thinking of installing Tomato Firmware v1.21 
> (http://polarcloud.com/tomato) on it.
> I was wondering if anybody in the group has done this or something 
> similar and may have some comments, caveats or cautions to enlighten 
> me before I blow away the Linksys Linux firmware.
> My main reason for changing from the Linksys firmware to Tomato is 
> that I hope to gain greater control over the QoS settings particularly 
> for my WiFi connected users.
> Cheers,
> Ian Matters
> -- 

Steve Walsh
Vice President / SysAdmin Team member- Linux Australia
Networks and Technology - Linux.conf.au 2008
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