[clug] [Off topic - Windows] Screen locking inhibitor

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Mon Sep 1 08:55:32 GMT 2008

Michael James <michael at james.st> wrote:
> Just supposing corporate, in their infinite wisdom,
>  imposed timed screenlocking on their unwilling subjects.
> And of course locked the control panel so we're stuck with it.

Have you tried appealing to the appropriate authority first?

> Is there a Windows utility that will detect 5 minutes of inactivity,
>  and generate some artificially, eg push Shift, or move the mouse?

Once upon a time, you could hit the "Start" button on a Windows box,
leave the mouse hovered over the button, and not worry about the machine
going to sleep while you were out. That was back in the days of NT4.0,
don't know if it still works today.
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