[clug] rsync --link-dest (Was: backup script?)

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 1 04:57:06 GMT 2008

> I'm following the recipe for "--linkdest=", can anyone see what I'm
> doing wrong??
> Anyone make this work?? [I believe CSIT at ANU wrote link-dest & use it]
> In the piece MR talks about once using 'cp -al' and now using '--link-dest'
> <http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/#Incremental>

Well, (Dr) Andrew "tridge" Tridgell and (Dr) Paul "paulus" Mackerras
wrote rsync whilst studying/working at DCS (aka CSIT at ANU), with some
input from Prof. Brendan McKay. Whether the "link-dest" option was added
as part of their work on it or not, I cannot say.

However, seeing that the 34,000-odd command-line options to "rsync" were
clearly not enough, I added the "--backup-dir" option (and a related
option or two) which we use in production here at DCS (aka CSIT at ANU) for
almost all of our backups.

So, sorry, can't help with link-dest, but we do not use it here at DCS
for our production backups, although someone here may well be using it
for their own purposes.


Bob Edwards.

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