[clug] OT: Congratulations Caroline...

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sun Oct 26 22:58:56 GMT 2008

Rob Crowdy wrote:
> All-
> A CLUG member in the ACT Assembly- yay!
> Well done Caroline. I hope it all goes well.
> Rob.

So this begs two questions:

  1) what does it mean to be a "member" of CLUG? Someone on the mailing
	list? Someone who has attended at least one meeting in the past
	year? Someone who is a Linux User in Canberra? ...
  2) why weren't we told _before_ the election that Caroline was a
	"CLUGger" - might have influenced my vote distribution...

Anyway, well done Caroline and hope you are able to help the Govt. be
responsible with our tax dollars being spent on IT and help the local
IT industry to develop, rather than being a bunch of sales droids for
large multinationals. (OK, that is a bit unfair - there is quite a bit
of genuine IT innovation occurring in our region - but there could be
a whole lot more... especially if we were able to disengage from those
proprietry data formats...).


Bob Edwards.

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