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Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 05:42:56 GMT 2008

> Therefore, I'm assuming that the ATA device I get will also have a
> standard phone line plug (as well as the RJ45 for VOIP), so that
> regular landline calls can come in and out? Does it always make VOIP
> calls then, or can I tell it to use the actual landline when (and if)
> I want to?

This is where the magic of "Dial plans" comes in.  Via a cryptic
syntax you can set up all sorts of complex things such that 1300 calls
use your landline and anything else uses VoIP and the likes.

In my case it is all moot given that I am "nekkid"!

However this does depend on the ATA adaptor in question, some even
support multiple SIP providers (one for local, one for international,

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