[clug] Intrusion problem

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 06:19:39 GMT 2008

> The internet firewall you sit behind at work allows telnet out, but blocks
> ssh, so you listen SSH on port 23.

Okay, I guess I'd mean "Modulo odd work IT dept setups."

> I think the main reason public telnet was still there was mainly for access to
> library catalogues. These generally predated "web", and some still exist. Most
> have shifted to web tho, I believe.

Mmmm. My employer has a thing they call Telnet that I have never seen
or interacted with in any way. I had always assumed it was a namespace
collision, but your comment has me worried that they may still be
using actual, real telnet for something. It's lucky that Bad Guys
don't much care about cultural institutions.


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