[clug] Intrusion problem

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Mon Nov 24 06:03:05 GMT 2008

on 24/11/08 16:56 Mike Carden said the following:
>> I wonder if they're looking for ADSL modems with
>> open, external-facing telnet ports?
> Just out of interest (and I apologise both for my ignorance and for
> drifting off-topic), is there any reason for anyone to have
> world-facing telnet ports available these days?


The internet firewall you sit behind at work allows telnet out, but blocks
ssh, so you listen SSH on port 23.

Or rather did until (a) you change jobs and no longer have the requirement and
(b) you get sick of all the telnet probes.

I think the main reason public telnet was still there was mainly for access to
library catalogues. These generally predated "web", and some still exist. Most
have shifted to web tho, I believe.

- Steve

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