[clug] command line NTLM authentication proxy?

David Schoen neerolyte at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 10:01:23 GMT 2008

Just don't save your password in NTLMAPS directly, I've got it asking
via regular http_auth the browser/script for a login and then I'm just
supplying credentials through something actually is a standard, and
letting NTLMAPS do the translation to the evil proprietary "standard".
Although maybe that's why I'm the only person getting auth loops :(

- Dave.
> If you set it up in several places and at a later time your employer's
> password policy forces you to change your password, you need to
> remember any and all places that you may have left ntlmaps running
> with your old password. The symptoms are easy to detect. You change
> your password, then at some indeterminate time later, something
> happens on another machine that involves net access. Maybe something
> manual, maybe something automated. On that machine, ntlmaps tries
> several times in succession to log in as you with an old password and
> your account is locked out. You will probably find out by clicking a
> link in an established session on your usual computer and finding that
> you are no longer authorised. Should you be foolish enough to log out
> at this point, you will stay logged out until the auth system times
> out and resets, or you sweetly ask your domain admin to re-enable you.

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