[clug] Command of the Hour

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 02:34:17 GMT 2008

>> # go to wherever you were before
>> alias b="cd ${OLDPWD}"
> In bash and probably other shells, "cd -" is a built-in shorthand for "cd
> Also check out "pushd", "popd" and "dirs" which let you manage a stack of
> directories (so for example you could alias pushd as cd and then use popd as
> a multi-level back button).

Aye, pushd and popd have long been friends of mine, in my case given
the (not so crash hot!) state of my arms, the "b" is more about the
fact that I have an alias for every (single) character on the
keyboards... and quite a few of the two letter combinations too!.

People who look over my shoulder often wonder what the heck I am up to
with the varying cryptic one letter commands that I use. ;)

To me it is all about reducing the number of keystrokes!


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