[clug] "Why switching to Ubuntu is a really dumb idea"

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Nov 17 05:16:31 GMT 2008

On 17/11/2008, at 15:32 , Peter Anderson wrote:

> Over the years I have owned four Mac PCs (is it PC to call a Mac a  
> PC?). I always paid a very hefty premium for the "pleasure" (some of  
> my Mac's have been nearly twice the price of an equivalent Windows  
> based PC). However, every time Apple has changed either the  
> operating system or hardware base not long after my purchase and  
> made my expensive PC obsolete. Some say I'm a slow learner, but  
> eventually it sunk in! Now I would NEVER buy another Macintosh.

The transition from 68000 to PPC, System 8 to Mac OS X, PPC to Intel,  
and what else?

It's worth noting that any hardware you buy is obsolete the moment you  
boot it up anyway. This week Intel or AMD will introduce a new range  
of processors that have (surprise surprise) a new socket to fit into.  
Next week it'll be the RAM manufacturers releasing a new speed of RAM.  
Then it will be a new peripheral bus.

Every time I upgrade video cards I end up buying a new computer to  
wrap around it. The lesson I've learned from that is to refrain from  
upgrading video cards.

> By the way, a friend recently purchased a new iPod (a 4th generation  
> one I think) and a docking station; got them home only to find that  
> his latest generation iPod can't charge its battery when installed  
> in the docking station

I'm surprised the salesperson didn't mention that at the time of  
purchase. Up to the 3rd generation iPod, they happily charge from  
FireWire but not USB. 4th generation and onward charge from USB. The  
worst case scenario is using the cable that came with the iPod to  
connect the dock to the PC. Go check them, you'll find one's FireWire  
the other's USB.


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