[clug] Any interest in me speaking about Inform (adventure game language)?

Jason Stokes glasper9 at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 14 07:06:10 GMT 2008

Ok, that's good enough for me.  It's the 27th this month, isn't it?  This should give me enough time to put something together.  Pencil me in, people. 


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Subject: Re: [clug] Any interest in me speaking about Inform (adventure game language)?

2008/11/8 Jason Stokes <glasper9 at yahoo.com.au>

Would anyone be interested in me speaking about my messing about with the Inform 7 programming language (as featured in October's Linux Journal) over the last couple of months?

I/we would love to have you speak at CLUG! :)
This month Bob will be giving a presentation, so if you're happy to be second speaker that would work well.
PSIG may also be interested, but less CLUG'ers go to that and I'm sure there would be plenty of people on the list who would be interested in what you have to say.

A reminder that this is the last CLUG meeting of the year (excluding the Annual CLUG BBQ in Dec).


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