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Simon Pascal Klein wrote:
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|> That's going to be a problem. No we didn't know, we've warned Paul
|> that the training room was gone.... I'm confused?

As I said previously, it's in the Griffin Centre on the corner of Genge St and
Narellan St.  For most of the time you should be able to walk up, the doors
will open, you will press a button for the lift, the lift will take you to the
second floor, and you will go to room 9 (which is almost directly ahead of the
lifts).  Do not go to the training room, do not give your matches to the Straw
Man and remember to press the elevator button three times and three times only.

Next month at the December Programming SIG I intend to hack on the Meeting
Manager plugin to the Club-In-A-Box system, with the aim of producing a
meeting reminder system where the admins can update the template for the
emails that get sent out rather than having to specially request it of the box
owners via email.

Hope this helps,

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