[clug] Green ICT Symposium 2008, ANU, 14 November 2008

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All are invited to a free 
<http://tomw.net.au/moodle/course/view.php?id=10>Green ICT 
<http://tomw.net.au/moodle/course/view.php?id=10>Symposium at the ANU 
in Canberra on 14 November 2008. This will feature 
Middleton who is in Australia researching broadband policy for the 
Canadian Government and the 
<https://mach.com.au/web/cooroy-data-centre.html>Mach Technology 
regional data centre, which was opened by the Minister for Broadband 
last week:

Green ICT: Learning to be Sustainable with Computers and Broadband

9am to 12:30 pm, Friday 14th November 2008
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Room N101, Building 108
The Australian National University
North Road ANU ACT 0200


A free half day event bringing together people from academia, 
industry and government who are interested in environmentally 
sustainable uses of ICT. Facilities for Participation via Video 
Conference will be made available if there is sufficient demand.

RSVP to: Rachel.Allen at aph.gov.au


In 2007 a report commissioned by the Australian Computer Society 
estimated that Australian computers and telecommunications were 
responsible for a similar level of greenhouse gas emissions as the 
civil aviation industry. In late 2008 Sir Peter Gershon recommended 
consolidating the Australian Government's data centers and developing 
a whole-of-government ICT sustainability plan to manage the carbon 
footprint of the Government's ICT activities.
Questions to Consider:

    1. How can the ICT industry reduce its own carbon footprint?
    2. How can use of ICT help reduce Australia's Carbon footprint?
    3. What role could/should ICT Professionals play in reducing 
Australia's Carbon Footprint?

9.00am Welcome and Introduction
By Senator Kate Lundy

9:30am Tom Worthington, "Teaching Sustainable ICT to Professionals Online"
10am Setting up a data centre in regional Australia

Video link with Mach Technology, part of the Noosa Clever Networks 
project, launched 31 October by the Minister for Broadband, 
Communications and the Digital Economy and the Arts.

10.30 am coffee break.

11am Dr Peter Strazdins, ANU. How much energy can you save with a 
multicore computer for web applications?

11:30am Catherine Middleton Associate Professor, Ryerson University, 
Are Users Up to Speed?  The Demand Side of Sustainable Broadband

12:00 noon Dr. Idris F. Sulaiman, CEO, Computers Off Australia. 
General, technical, policy and action streams of an ICT energy saving campaign.

12:30 pm Lunch.


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