[clug] Remember this?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Nov 7 22:48:21 GMT 2008

On 08/11/2008, at 09:04 , Jason Stokes wrote:
> Considerably less efficient, in fact.  One reason why I loathe   
> Macintoshes is the Cocoa interface, especially the bloody dock.   
> Great eye-candy, looks great (actually I think it looks horrible,  
> but tastes vary) but highly annoying.

Which is why the first thing most Mac users do is hide it :)

One of the most irritating "features" of Ubuntu (or Gnome, rather) is  
that stupid animation when you're alt-tabbing between windows. It  
slides the current, next and previous windows past in some sort of  
stupid pageat parade, without actually providing any useful information.

On the Mac, you have a bar stretching across the screen showing all  
the applications, and when you press Tab the highlight moves over the  
collection, rather than rotating the collection around.

The 3D cube flipping is just another way of switching virtual desktops  
isn't it? "Spaces" on the Mac does the same kind of thing, but it's a  
little more practical (you can interact with the windows while in the  
"zoomed out" view.

Seriously, there's an ocean of usability in difference between Gnome/ 
Windows and Apple's Aqua interface.


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