[clug] Next Python Meeting

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Nov 6 03:10:49 GMT 2008

On 06/11/2008, at 08:21 , Paul Wayper wrote:

> I'm really sorry to do this but I've discovered I've double booked  
> myself on
> Saturday and had planned to be in Goulburn for the day.  Can I make  
> it next
> month?  Or does someone else want to do what I was going to do?

I can step in and show people the ropes.

In 2 hours we should be able to cover:
  - installing setup tools (for easy_install)
  - installing virtualenv
  - setting up a virtual environment
  - checking out a project using Subversion
  - "installing" a test framework
  - "installing" the South migration application
  - running through the Django "polls" tutorial

This will get us some of the way through the polls tutorial - perhaps  
all the way, if the various environment setup tasks take significanly  
less time than predicted.

As a followup, for the PSIG we can go through the process of unit  
testing in Django (and if time permits, the process of applying a  
schema migration using South). For this Python specific day we can  
just focus on the Django tutorial, with caring and sensitive advice on  
testing and migrations ("just run this command, dammit!").


PS: It occurs to me that getting folks to do the "setup" stuff  
themselves at home would make more sense. To prepare your system for  
the tutorial, make sure you have 'easy_install' installed. Manual back- 
of-the-napkin instructions:
  - Have Subversion installed
  - Get setuptools (instructions at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools 
  if your distribution doesn't have a package already)
  - easy_install virtualenv (if your distribution doesn't have a  
package already)
  - mkvirtualenv Django-1.0
  - workon Django-1.0
  - easy_install django (regardless of distribution having a Django  
package or not)
  - svn checkout <repository> <local directory>

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