[clug] MinTV DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 11:24:48 GMT 2008

> David Adams wrote:
>> Hey gang,
>> Bought one of these earlier today- MinTV DVB-T USB tv tuner. The guy at JB 
>> Hi-Fi assured me it had Linux support, but when I returned to my lair it 
>> looks like there's no support at all for this TV tuner. Anyone know if I 
>> can return it for a refund because it doesn't support Linux, or am I stuck 
>> with it? Or, even better, did I totally miss something and there actually 
>> is a driver for this somewhere?
>> It's all opened and everything.

I think you should feel free to take it back to JB with the docket. It
didn't work as advertised. You asked the salesman and the advice was
Grab yourself something like the Asus U3000 Mini (NB that mini)
Which should work fine with a recent kernel.
At least it is for me with 2.6.25 on gentoo as I type.

If however you want the fun of working out which frontend it is and hacking
drivers to load the right firmwares and all this stuff...
Vive La Revolution!


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