[clug] MinTV DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Tue Nov 4 10:06:30 GMT 2008

Hi David

As already mentioned by Brett, plug the device in and do the lsusb 
thing. If Linux recognises the device, then try.... grep -i dvb 
/var/log/messages. There are still a number of dvb devices for which 
firmware is required. This command will show whether the device is 
recognised and if the required modules are loaded. LinuxTv.org is a mine 
of information regarding getting these devices working.

If these steps are unsuccessful, you are quite entitled to return the 
product for a full refund as the product was mis-represented to you at 
the time of purchase. The Trade Practices Act is your friend here.

Feel free to post output here if you think I can help.


David Adams wrote:
> Hey gang,
> Bought one of these earlier today- MinTV DVB-T USB tv tuner. The guy 
> at JB Hi-Fi assured me it had Linux support, but when I returned to my 
> lair it looks like there's no support at all for this TV tuner. Anyone 
> know if I can return it for a refund because it doesn't support Linux, 
> or am I stuck with it? Or, even better, did I totally miss something 
> and there actually is a driver for this somewhere?
> It's all opened and everything.
> Cheers,
> Dave.


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