[clug] ANU Lecture Recordings

David Howe david at qednet.biz
Tue Mar 11 22:34:55 GMT 2008

I use Firefox without too many problems to get to the streaming server, 
real player works too as it should. The server does seem a little 
flakey, I have had session timeouts when connecting but generally it 
works. Some lectures are also posted as mp3 and are available in 
something like iTunes, but that depends on the lecturer.

Pilcher, Fred wrote:

>#1 daughter is in her first year at ANU this year. She missed lectures
>yesterday and tried to download them from the ANU's site, without
>success, so called to Dad for help. The system is an abomination. The
>recordings are only available as streaming Real Audio - they can't be
>downloaded, the system doesn't recognose Firefox as a browser, and what
>should be a simple HTML page is so thoroughly java-infested that I
>couldn't but shake my head in bewilderment.
>I installed the Real Audio player but still had no luck at all. I even
>resorted to Windows, which didn't work either.
>If anyone has any clues about what I can do to make these lectures
>available I'd be most grateful. For my own curiosity, I'd be interested
>to know what was in the minds of the people who created this
>In anger and frustration,
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