[clug] XBOX -> Media PC Mod

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Sat Mar 1 04:49:43 GMT 2008

Nemo wrote:
> I'm in the position of owning a rarely used Xbox as well which I've
> always intended to turn into a media center - though to date more
> convenient workarounds have kept my procrastination levels high. If
> a clugger has the setup to softmod and is willing to bring it in to mod
> a a few at once, I'll be part of that. Worst case is a bricked xbox,
> which would be a shame, but no biggie really (given that I don't use
> the xbox for games... ever)

Thanks Nemo,

I'll see what we can arrange. I have been contacted by a guy called 
James who does it for friends a lot. He'd be willing to run a session 
one CLUG.

Even though it might be old and useless, it could still be fun. I don't 
intend to use it to encode anything, just play files (and mostly low res 
tv / audio at that).

I could bring mine along, you bring yours and he has one he can work 
off. Anyone else who wants to do the same, can and it could be a bit of fun.

The only thing after modding you can't play online, but who actually 
uses an XBOX to play games? Not me :)


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