[clug] XBOX -> Media PC Mod

Nemo clug at nemo.house.cx
Sat Mar 1 04:21:16 GMT 2008

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 11:24:57AM +1100, Ben Chaplin did utter:
> was when I accidentally loaded a 1080p file...  If you want a cheap  
> media centre and have an old Xbox lying around, go for it.  I wouldn't  
> buy a second hand one to turn into a media centre, though.

I'm in the position of owning a rarely used Xbox as well which I've
always intended to turn into a media center - though to date more
convenient workarounds have kept my procrastination levels high. If
a clugger has the setup to softmod and is willing to bring it in to mod
a a few at once, I'll be part of that. Worst case is a bricked xbox,
which would be a shame, but no biggie really (given that I don't use
the xbox for games... ever)


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