[clug] Re: Short term 3G internet? (linux Digest, Vol 66, Issue 3, Item 1)

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Wed Jun 4 04:56:56 GMT 2008

As I've said previously if I'm not connected to 3G (a 3 tower) then I don't
connect to the net.  There is an option on my phone when I start internet
sharing that it won't connect if I'm roaming.  That also applies to email
fetching.  Further, if I am connected to 3 running internet sharing and I
roam the connection drops out.  Where I sit at work I get 1 bar of 3G
signal.  But, that's enough to surf at ok speeds.  I've never been billed
for data roaming.



2008/6/4 Miles Goodhew <mgoodhew at gmail.com>:

> People,
>        Apologies for stepping on this thread kind-of late in the piece, but
> it just became relevant to me and I thought I might share.
>  Message: 1
>> Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 10:28:39 +1000
>> From: "Grant Morphett" <grant at gmorph.com>
>> Message-ID:
>>        <b7673df50806021728i67f6d346k6f8b7103173ce2f2 at mail.gmail.com>
>> 6 months ago I signed up to a 3 mobile plan and didn't have to go onto
>> contract.  At the same time I signed up to an X-Series data plan and again
>> no contract required.  This means I could be on both plans for a month and
>> cancel everything.  Would require you to have a HSDPA compatible handset
>> but
>> I reckon this would be your best bet for short term wireless internet
>> providing they still offer it.
>        I also got onto 3 service a short time ago (on contract though).
> I've got a "toy-town" data plan right now, but was considering upgrading to
> a "Voltron" one while I wait the 2 calendar aeons for a phone line to be
> installed in my new flat (Moved to Sydney for work - I still "live" in
> Canberra though). AFAIK, no 3 data plans involve contracts - they're
> month-to-month recurring charges you can change/drop whenever you want
> (charging rounded-up to the month).
>        It came as a bit of a disappointment to me to read in the fine print
> that when "roaming" off the 3/3.5G service, your data usage is not credited
> to your plan, but charged outright at, as you'd expect, some ridiculously
> high rate.
>        For me, this is a show-stopper as my flat and the station I'll be
> twiddling my thumbs at most of the time both have a lot of stone/concrete
> around them and not much "3" service.
>        At least I might be able to treat my Internet addiction while I wait
> for the phone line to get here.
> Just thought you'd like to know.
> M0les.



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