[clug] Re: Short term 3G internet? (linux Digest, Vol 66, Issue 3, Item 1)

deece at newmillennium.net.au deece at newmillennium.net.au
Wed Jun 4 02:47:56 GMT 2008

> People,
> 	Apologies for stepping on this thread kind-of late in the piece, but
> it just became relevant to me and I thought I might share.
> 	For me, this is a show-stopper as my flat and the station I'll be
> twiddling my thumbs at most of the time both have a lot of stone/
> concrete around them and not much "3" service.

Most 3G modems have a connector for an external antenna. For around
$30-$40, you can get an antenna to suit on eBay (search for 3g antenna).
Gain varies from 5dB to 9dB, which should be enough to eke out enough
signal for a reliable connection.

> Just thought you'd like to know.
> M0les.

Electric Dreams?

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