[clug] krandr multiple monitor woes

Doug Palmer Doug.Palmer at csiro.au
Wed Jul 30 00:11:03 GMT 2008

Steve Walsh wrote:
> Hi Doug
> I was in a similar boat recently, and I ended up writing a xrandr 
> wrapper with various options and case statements, then calling it via 
> udev. So, when it found the docking station attached, it would call 
> "xrandr dock", which would force the VGA to a particular resolution, 
> and turn off the LVDS.
> I did try to get the same script going on a SLES box that passed 
> through, but hit version problems on the xrandr. I'm running xrandr 
> 1.2, what version is on the SLES 11 laptop?
$ xrandr --version
Server reports RandR version 1.2

Any chance of getting a copy of the script?


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