[clug] perfect linux sound card?

Paul Warren paul.warren at anu.edu.au
Tue Jul 29 06:01:47 GMT 2008

I've been struggling to find a perfect sound card for my ubuntu based 
HTPC box. My requirements:

- IEC958 / SPDIF output
- 44.1KHz PCM over SPDIF
- 48 KHz PCM "
- 96 KHz PCM " (would be nice, not necessary)
- DTS and Dolby Digital passthrough over SPDIF
- PCI interface

Now, I have a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and a Sound Blaster Audigy 4, from 
various systems over the years. As well as the on board realtek AC97 
sound chip.

The live 5.1 and the onboard do the pass through and 48Khz just fine, 
but no 44.1KHz, and the audigy 4 does all the PCM, but dts and dolby 
passthrough don't work.

CD's and FLAC from CD's sound sooo much better with the audigy 4, but no 
surround pass through makes Mrs Warren (and me) grumpy!

I've heard good reports from things like the Auzentech Auzen XPlosion 
and the Asus Xonar, but I've not been able to find definitive sources 
that all my requirements will work with these cards.

So, if you've used one of those, please let me know if they do all I 
want, also please let me know if you have found a card that does all 
that I want!

Paul Warren
ANUSF Data Intensive Projects
Rm 334, Leonard Huxley Building
56 Mills Rd Acton ACT 2600.

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