[clug] July Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

Rob Crowdy apres at iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 16 06:05:36 GMT 2008


I'm very interested in Dale Baldwin's talk about music and Linux on 24 July but 
will be in Perth. If someone posts a pithy summary or a conclusion afterwards that 
would be very good!

I am "bad" in that my preferred software is Ableton Live; my brother introduced me 
to Ardour, which I think is great, but not really "fun" especially when Jack gives 
up in the middle of something. 

I'm also interested in applications that mean that I don't have to learn too many 
new things (being old doesn't help here)- so something like ChucK, which is 
available on all three (?) platforms is very attractive (as well as being fun) (but 
not a DAW). Is energyXT2 the only multi- platform (including Linux) DAW?


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