[clug] Any 'triple boot' experts on list? (Vista, XP, Linux)

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 03:28:12 GMT 2008

Hi Steve,

I was under the impression you could do it the same way that it has
always been done despite their new code - GRUB in the MBR and BOOTMGR
at the start of vista partitions (I can see it there on mine with
hexedit), NTLDR at the start of XP partitions (or maybe BOOTLDR - I
don't have an XP partition handy to look at), and grub's menu entry
should look something like this to chainload Vista's bootloader:

# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
# on /dev/sda1
title           Windows Vista/Longhorn (loader)
root            (hd0,0)
chainloader     +1

I don't know if that makeactive is going to make a difference - I
can't recall seeing it there when I had XP, and I don't feel like
seeing what happens if I remove it just now.


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