[clug] Win-Vista vs Linux (Kubuntu)

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Jul 4 06:44:23 GMT 2008

On 04/07/2008, at 15:04 , steve jenkin wrote:

> The "IBM Preload" partition is 6.5Gb.

> Compare to the Kubuntu distro - around 650Mb.

What software does the preload come with? What does Kubuntu run "out  
of the box" and without network access? I would be surprised if  
Kubuntu off disk includes a decent range of fonts *and* OpenOffice in  
that 650MB - OpenOffice itself is what... 250MB installed?

Of course, remove all the crapware from the IBM preload and make a  
system restore set with the crapware removed and you'll find it's a  
different story.

My Mac OS X /Applications directory is 7GB, mostly because the  
applications are fairly graphics-intensive (button icons, pictures  
for everything).


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