[clug] [Job] VoIP QA Tester

Bernard Duggan bernie at m5net.com
Fri Jul 4 05:34:08 GMT 2008

Mike Carden wrote:
> When I read M5, my immediate thought was, "Isn't that Adam and Jamie?"
Alas no, we are neither them nor the M5 tollway in Sydney (in spite of 
the number of phonecalls we get from people attempting to pay tolls or 
ask directions).  The name comes from the bus route that ran past the 
original offices in New York, so the story goes.

> Wouldn't their VOIP system be one that's designed to explode?
Probably - which in all honesty would be far cooler than what we 
actually build.  Note: my views on this matter may not reflect those of 
the company, nor, I suspect, our customers :)



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