[clug] Any Public Service organisations using Linix desktop and Open Office?

Daniel Rose drose at nla.gov.au
Fri Jul 4 05:16:30 GMT 2008

Brian wrote:
>> Linux can be put on the desktop in lots of places:
>> Home user: Fine.
>> Small Business: Fine.
>> Medium Business with good planning: Fine
>> Brand new Govt Department: Fine!
>> The problem is that with existing departments with existing staff and
>> data, it's probably more expensive to change that the money it saves.
> Just wanted to respond to this one point.
> It does not have to be a new dept.
> At some point all depts will have to migrate.

Yes, as support ceases, but why will they have to migrate to Linux, or even away from Microsoft?

> Here is a real world example
> http://news.cnet.com/Munich-fires-up-Linux-at-last/2100-7344_3-6119153.html

That's a very qualified example.

 - Only 100 users.
 - "It has not been an easy transition"
 - Announced intention in 2003, should finish in 2009, that's six years, not one!
 - They will still retain windows on some systems
 - "The costs of the project appear to be rising."
 - "We do not have a goal to compare total cost of ownership"

To top it all off, they are coming from an NT 4.0 base.  I don't think anyone in this discussion assumed NT 4 to be the current installation in our hypothetical department.

Daniel Rose
National Library of Australia

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