[clug] Any Public Service organisations using Linixdesktop andOpen Office?

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Thu Jul 3 06:16:26 GMT 2008

I'd add that FLOSS has neither the marketing machinery nor the FUD
machinery of Microsoft. CIOs are no less resistant to clever, subtle,
highly-researched and inconceivably-funded marketing campaigns than
anyone else is. 

The FLOSS community, by its very nature, is unlikely to ever have the
marketing clout of the Big Guns unless the Red Hats, IBMs, Canonicals,
Novells and their ilk pool their resources to promote the generic
concept of FLOSS. Given the choice between spending a million dollars
promoting FLOSS in general as opposed to promoting your own business,
they'll choose the latter every time. Ultimately a concerted generic
approach may bear more fruit, but they may never be convinced of that.
Taking the long view is not something business does any more.

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