[clug] Aruba wireless

Chris Zhang abnamro.chris at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 06:12:07 GMT 2008

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the input. I will try again with Kismet and see if I can find 
that AP.


Ian wrote:
> <snip>
> Another thought I just had is that the AP might not be sending any
> beacon packets, but rather only responding to scanning clients - you
> should be able to tell using wireshark.
> Most APs will send lots and lots and lots of beacon frames telling
> everyone on the same channel all about themselves several times every
> second.
> Most APs also respond to direct requests from clients ("is anybody out
> there?" "yes, hi, my SSID is HIDDENNETW0RKZ" "hi HIDDENNETW0RKZ, tell
> me about yourself?" "well, I'm an 802.11g 54mbps access point
> listening on channel 6 and waiting for anyone who can EAP their way
> in!", except with two less packets and a much more
> professional/mechanical attitude) - depending on their
> setup/capabilities they might respond to any probe request, or they
> might only respond to probe requests that already know their SSID
> (where kismet's automatic decloaking capability comes in handy).
> Unless I think of anything else,
> -I

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