[clug] Aruba wireless

Chris u4123459 at anu.edu.au
Thu Jan 17 12:24:44 GMT 2008

Hi List,

Is it possible that an AP is see by a wireless card in managed (normal)
mode, but disappears when the wireless card goes into monitor mode, using

The reason I am asking is I tried on both ipw3945 (Intel ? card) and
Uqituiti(madwifi) cards that an Aruba AP is visible (RADIUS
authentication) when in normal(managed) mode, but disappears after either
card is placed into monitor mode. (iwconfig eth2 mode monitor, wlanconfig
ath1 create wlanmode monitor wlandev wifi0), using airodump.

This is the first time I have seen it happening.

In airodump, I cannot see the SSID of the AP, but the clients that are
associated with the AP are visible. SSID is only seen through 'Probe SSID'
after a client's MAC address. And the MAC address of the AP is also
invisible, as is indicated by 'Not Associated' in airodump.

I wonder if this is caused by RADIUS authentication, or perhaps there is
some kind of IDS in an ARUBA AP (the one that uses 'Power over Ethernet').
If such an IDS exists, does anyone know anything about it, e.g. a link
that explains how it might work?



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