[clug] Article on Make The Move..

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Mon Jan 14 11:12:18 GMT 2008

Grant Baldwin wrote:
> Looking at the MTM site, I'd agree (for the most part) with the blog.
> Personally, I think the four main points from the 'why' page are the first
> things a user would want to know:
>  * Viruses and Spyware
>  * Security & Stability
>  * Free (as in price)
>  * Easy and Intuitive (with subpoints on Compatability, Package Management,
> Features & Choice and Control).
> With Free (as in freedom) as more of endnote, explaining a) why the above
> occur and b) how freedom elevate available use case.

Hey Grant,

Thanks for your opinion. I find myself in agreement with you and the
blog. The MTM site was meant to be informative, where interested people
could learn (in simple English) what all this Linux stuff was about.

But as the article says, most people don't care about that, they just
want to know how to use their computer better.

So I'm thinking I can change the way the site reads. We could still
include informative information, but maybe for those who really want to
know. I'm working on it... well I'm supposed to be working on it.

As for the layout, yeah the site needs a lot of work. Unfortunately I'm
neither an expert programmer nor a graphic designer, but I try. The
offer is open to anyone to help out ;)


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