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Michael Cohen scudette at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 00:47:15 GMT 2008

I remember many years ago thats how I started. I was using windoze at
the time and worked out i spent most of my time downloading various
sharewares to do what i wanted and then spent even more time finding
crack for them. When i found linux already had most of the
functionality anyway for free and it was much easier to find things
than to google. These days if i want a CAD software i just do
apt-cache search cad rather than search google for a cad software. I
dont need to look for cracks any more and now i have become used to
the linux way of doing things I can never go back to windows - in fact
it frustrates me to use it. I find windows very unintuitive to use.

People start off trying to get a free ride, then they just cant go
back because the quality of foss software and the range available is
simply unbeatable. Those people who are apathetic probably dont really
stand that much to gain from FOSS anyway. Some people i know dont
really use computers more than doing certain limited tasks (i.e.
internet banking, check mail, write a letter). These people are scared
of anything new and will never try linux anyway. Its no different from
some people who aways drive fords, or holdens or always vote liberal -
thats the mind set.


On Jan 13, 2008 10:22 AM, Randall Crook <rcrook at vtown.com.au> wrote:
> Chris Smart wrote:
> > "http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2008/01/makethemovenet.html"
> >
> > The author and people in the comment thread make some good points,
> > especially about people not caring about FOSS - they just want to use
> > their pc better; and two, me not knowing what I'm talking about.
> >
> > If I get around to updating the site, I think there are some valuable
> > changes that can be made.
> >
> > -c
> >
> Its an unfortunate part of Human Nature that is in effect here... You
> see it in all aspects of society. Politicians have been using it as a
> tool for years, so have marketing companies... Apathy.
> Randall
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