[clug] Move PSIG?

Simon Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Fri Jan 11 15:41:02 GMT 2008

> At the risk of volunteering Pascal, he mentioned that the place that he's been
> working in the city had a room we could use.  It's just on Bunda St, so access
> to cafes and restaurants is easy.  But I'll let him confirm or deny this.
> Have fun,
> Paul

Offer still stands as far as I know. We've got a training room on Bunda
St. that houses 18 or so people at desks with Ubuntu machines. There are
also couches, amenities, a wall-mounted projector, air-con and such. In
order to use the room I need to know how many people are in there and
generally someone from the office needs to open up, look after the place
and well ideally close up at the end.

I don't think vittles would be appropriate in the room but since it's in
the heart of the city those you do want to have a snack or a drink
beforehand or even afterwards are most welcome; there are a myriad of
places open nearby and I'm sure those interested could organise
something (I'm only volunteering the room). :)

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