[clug] Move PSIG?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Jan 11 00:17:41 GMT 2008

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Chris Smart wrote:
| This might be sacrilege, but with the abolition of the early bird
| special, I put forward a motion that the location of PSIG be moved
| somewhere else. Dinners are now $40-$50.

The good news is that the 'abolition' of the early bird special actually meant
'we haven't got the new early bird special price lists printed'.  I checked
with the guy that took my money, who seemed to be the head chef.  I can only
assume the waitress just didn't know and basically lied to us.

The bad news is that the new price for the 'early bird special' is $23.90.  So
it's still not a particularly affordable meal.

Moving would also be nice from the point of view that we get somewhere
reasonable to sit, with lighting we can dim and a wall suitable for
projection.  We can then go out to dinner afterward if it's in the city,
preferably somewhere that'll give us reasonable prices.

At the risk of volunteering Pascal, he mentioned that the place that he's been
working in the city had a room we could use.  It's just on Bunda St, so access
to cafes and restaurants is easy.  But I'll let him confirm or deny this.

Have fun,

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