[clug] Linux Laptop?

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Tue Feb 26 10:39:24 GMT 2008

David Adams wrote:
> Anyone have anything they can recommend? Again, I'd like to buy it 
> locally if I can.
Depends how picky you are. If price is your main consideration, then 
Dell _might_ get you best bang for your buck *shudder* - just that the 
quality isn't as good IMO. There are some basic Acer laptops around for 
about $600 mark, although probably not dual core CPUs.

15" Inspiron 1520 starts at $1399 for 15" screen, 1.8GHz dualcore, 
DVD+-RW, 2GB 667MHz ram, 250Gb drive, intel 3945 wireless, nvidia 
graphics, etc - looks pretty compatible to me.
14" Inspiron 1420 is about $1100 with 1.6GHz dual core, 2GB 667 ram, 
Intel VGA - mostly same as 1520 and should work pretty flawlessly.
15" XPS M1530 is a bit more up market, 2.2GHz dual core and intel 4965 
wireless and starting at $1699.

Cheapest dualcore notebook I could find on HT was $949, but only 1GB ram 
(though you could upgrade rather cheaply)


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